Monday, December 1, 2008

Advantages Using Virtual Retinal Display

Of course at the present period of time the VRD technology still needs much refinement and has only been commercialized in specialized sectors of the display market such as automobile repair and some parts of the military, but some time later it may be commonly used on daily basis. The MicroVision Inc., the principal detainee of the permit to commercialize this information technology suggests quite a few possibilities of this technology to be used in the Business and many other industries:

Imagine these new viewing experiences:
- Giving a speech while information is streamed to your eyeglasses in real time.
- Presenting to a crowd with your notes secretly stowed away in your eye glasses.
- Extending your everyday computing environment to include your eyewear display
- Walking down the street, seeing your favorite friends show up "on screen" 2 blocks and 1 cafe away
- Receiving turn by turn directions as you walk toward your destination
- Reviewing messages while on the go
- Creating your personal big screen experience from mobile TV and video (occluded or escape mode)
- Seeing building schematics and locations of others (especially useful for security or firefighters)
- Viewing virtual recipes while cooking without losing your rhythm



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