Monday, December 1, 2008

What is the Future of VRD?

This now growing technology have made quite a step since its launch some 15 years ago. What earlier seemed to be possible only in fiction movies slowly becomes reality. Already now an image streaming directly into a person's retina is not the edge of someones imagination, but a technology that is already used in medical and military purposes. It is still quite expensive and is far from being affordable by regular people but like any other emerging technology will soon become available in our daily lives.

There quite a few uses that this technology can be applied to. Television screens are used on
every step of our daily lives: cellphones, computers, televisions and much more. Now lets imagine browsing the Internet or watching a movie without having a screen in front of you but simply wearing, what looks from outside to be, a pair of glasses.

This technology can be potentially used to simplify the way to telecommunicate and reduce the number of physical screens now used on phones and computers. It has quite a few advantages and is capable of further be used in many different industries.

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