Monday, December 1, 2008

Potential Disadvantages Using VRD

Well as we all know, nothing in this world is perfect. And Especially the new technologies. Even though the Virtual Retinal Display Technology is already used in military and medical industries (since those are the only ones that can afford to use it), it is still at a stage of development and is still very costly.
Already, there aspects of the VRD technology that can be somewhat disadvantageous in the future:

  1. Since the image is sent directly to the retina, there is no protection against radiation because the disitance between the source and the eye is very short. This may cause some damage to the retina and later result into blindness.
  2. As much as it can assist to the military industry, it wil still be a technology used by humans against humanity and therefore may do more harn then good.
  3. The image sent into the eye will surely intefere with the reality objects and can be distract the user when his attention is most needed.

Unfortunately the VRD technology is still not known and used enough to evaluate more accurately all the possible disadvantages, so instead let's try to consentrate on the positive side of it.


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simwave said...

Overall, virtual reality is something which the military is employing more and more, from training, to rehabilitation, to recruitment. Virtual reality is something growing in stature every day; more people are coming to realize the possibilities it brings with it.

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